Jun 20

Country Christmas Decorating Ideas For Your Home

Christmas in the country is really like nothing else. People just love the feelings of warmth and happiness that are all around them. When you want to decorate your home to emulate these feelings, what can you do?

You definitely want to incorporate some natural decor. Take berries that you recently harvested and make a wreath out of them and some pine cones. Hanging it on your front door shows guests the beauty that they are in for. As you are setting up interior decorations, look Continue Reading »

Apr 12

Do It Yourself Country Living Decor

Decorating a home in Southern decor is the perfect way to blend a traditional look into a comfortable atmosphere for both your family and guests. In fact, country living decor is also a wonderful way to incorporate some of your own personal style in do-it-yourself crafts. If you are looking for some fresh ways to add some country charm to your living space, then check out the following ideas for easy decor that you can do yourself in a weekend.

When it comes to country decor, nothing says home like some rustic wood Continue Reading »

Jun 22

Easy Country Living Decor Ideas For Any Home

You do not have to be a “southerner” to appreciate the unique style of country living decor. This casual comfortable style usually begins with trying to incorporate a family heirloom item into your homes’ decor but can easily be recreated by beginning your collection from any local consignment shop or antique store. Whether you go with a theme based on a collection (i.e. antique kitchen utensils, tools or quilts) or base your room on a larger piece of furniture like a hutch, table or loveseat that you like doesn’t matter. You should enjoy the process of Continue Reading »

Nov 05

How To Bring The Outdoors – Indoors With Rustic Decor

Autumn is the optimal time to bring the beautiful colors of the changing leaves into your home.

In order to do so, here are some ideas that will bring the outdoors into your home, add charm, and a rustic feel.

Decorate Your Mantle for Fall:
Purchase some small white pumpkins at a local grocery or Farmer’s Market. Display them on pedestals, that you spray painted an antique bronze color, on your mantle.
Flank the pumpkins on pedestals with large hurricane vases-many can be found in a tinted, dark color. Fill the hurricane vases with coffee Continue Reading »

Nov 03

Rustic Home Decor For A Living Room

The living room in a home is where everyone gathers to sit and communicate. If you like the rustic look, there are simple ways to get it in your home. Begin with the floor and the rugs. If you have carpet, consider taking the carpet out of the home and replacing it with hardwood. Or you can get red or brown rugs to place on the floor.
The next thing you will want to do is get new furniture. To achieve the rustic look in the living Continue Reading »

Oct 30

Rustic Home Decor For Your Kitchen

Your home is a gathering place at holidays and throughout the year and decorating with a rustic charm will add your own special touch. Recycling materials such as small branches or foliage from outside means they will not only be free but show your creativity. Birdhouses are popular and they can be decorated with paint and artificial flowers.
Remake small fence gates into a a base for a set of side table bases or as a barrier to keep children from climbing stairs, etc. Refashion a headboard using cut to size pieces of a barn door then paint Continue Reading »

Oct 13

Southern Style Rules

If all you know about southern style comes from watching Gone With the Wind on Direct TV you’ve got a lot to learn. Here are some southern tenants you need to know before you haul off and decorate your house in country chic-style.

Simple Is Good: There’s nothing like a chic all-white room spiced up with a few pieces of interest. A common misconception about southern style is that it’s cluttered; not so. Stick to basics and a common color and it will Continue Reading »

Jul 19

Choosing Wall Art To Match Rustic Home Decor

There are many options available when choosing wall art to match rustic home dcor. In the past, people equated “rustic” with a cabin in the woods. Today’s rustic dcor can be more sophisticated and urban.

THERE ARE NO RULESJUST GUIDELINES. Just because something isn’t considered to be “art” doesn’t mean it can’t become art!

Items from nature or organic materials create a fabulous rustic feel. You could purchase artwork Continue Reading »

Jul 17

Create An Inviting Home Using Country Decor

The country look in homes is one that is very popular with those that are decorating. However, many people are concerned with just how they can get that rustic, country charm look into their own home? It is very simple, and the person needs to realize that with the rustic country look, that their main goal is to go with items that are themed around one another. For example, some of the best advice would be to choose some country theme, such as stars, milk jugs, cows, chickens Continue Reading »

Jul 12

Five Items You Need For Country Living Decor

Country living brings us back to a life of simple pleasures. Give your home that easy country feel with these five items.

Quilts – Choose old quilts with character or new and useable quilts to add country charm in every bedroom and living area.

Plantation Style Furniture – Wicker, bamboo, teak or craftsman style furnishings will give any room in your house a country feel.

Country Art – Whether it is a painting of a farm or a porcelain rooster, bringing the outdoors into your home Continue Reading »

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